LMS helps automate teaching and learning by allowing Instructors (Teachers) to create educational content (lessons), organize it in modules, deliver it internally to the Learners (Students) enrolled in the course, and monitor and assess the performance of Learners.
On account of being simple, user-friendly, and convenient, LMS became a preferred choice of many educational institutions to move classes online. Covid-19 pandemic has quickened the speed of replacing classroom-based learning with digital learning platforms. Today most of the Schools and Colleges have embraced LMS to deliver education and training to students.

Nexus LMS is a
right LMS for wonderful learning.

A product of Nexusinfo, it encompasses the best features of the LMS concept. It brings the Instructors and Learners together on a virtual platform for online delivery and reception of educational content anywhere and at any time.
  • Create & Assign Lesson Planner

  • Create Semesters, Terms, Subjects

  • Create Quizzes, Notes, Rich Teaching Content

  • Create Class Schedules, Lesson Plans

  • Define Periods/ Lab Schedule

  • Track Attendance, Assignments, Groups/Teams

  • Assign Marks, Grades, Ranks

  • Manage Timetable

  • Provide Certificates, Mark Sheets, Report Card etc.,

  • Automated Virtual Classrooms